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BitcoinGrowthFund (BGF) is a Blockchain Based Venture Capital Fund. BGF is like a Kickstarter where customers can own equity in the form of tokens in various investment opportunities.

Investors who participated in funding of ventures such as Facebook, Uber and Alibaba at an early stage have earned returns in multiples of thousands on their investments. Access to such investments was always limited to a few select large investors. With BGF, we enable regular investors to act as VCs in the process of funding start ups and profit from the success of such ventures.

Blockchain Technology is revolutionising the financial industry. Nasdaq’s Linq has successfully shown its worth for how asset trading could be managed digitally through the use of blockchain-based platforms.

BGF utilizes an open source counterparty protocol for issuing of tokens which uses Bitcoin’s Blockchain for managing all BGF transactions.

Blockchain is an immutable public ledger which removes the need for physical term sheets, shares, certificates and shareholder agreements. This will remove the inefficiencies involved within the traditional Venture Capital funding ecosystem.

At BGF, customers can invest in various funds and earn money through monthly returns on their investments. One can even sell or trade his tokens with other cryptocurrency users whenever they feel like as there is no lock-in period for these investments.

We are currently launching three categories of token based funds at BGF. We will keep on expanding categories in future as we discover new opportunities.

a) Blockchain Startup Fund

This is the first micro-fund under BGF. This fund will invest in Blockchain and IoT Startups.

b) Innovative Technologies Fund

This is a second micro-fund under BGF. This fund will invest in Loyalty and New Technologies Startups.

c) Mining and ICO Fund

This is a third micro-fund under BitcoinGrowthFund. This fund will invest in the Mining of Bitcoins, Alt-coins and also in ICOs of upcoming Blockchain Projects.

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247 BTC

Bitcoin News Search

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