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Viuly, a team looking to revolutionize the video platform, has been added by Okex exchange, adding further access to traders looking to enter positions in the VIU token, as well as adding another outlet of liquidity for token holders.

Viuly Exchange Support

Viuly is now held on at least 3 major exchanges, with the other two being Bit-z and Ether delta. Currently VIU is traded against BTC and ETH pairs, with current volume being in excess of $1.6 million in the last 24 hours alone. In the last month, VIU has been ranked 1 out of 50 by transaction count on Ethereum blockchain, according to ETHplorer.

Viuly Airdrop For Accelerated Adoption

VIU tokens were distributed via airdrop for free, as of November 5th, 2017. Any addresses holding at least 0.01 ETH during the snapshot was awarded a proportional amount of VIU tokens, with tokens being airdropped to over 1,000,000 unique Ethereum users.

This means that Viuly has around a million users straight off the bat, all able to exchange their tokens and use them on the platform immediately. 250,000 registered users have already taken that route, using the VIU tokens to purchase advertising packages or earning additional tokens by watching videos.

With Viuly’s continued focus on increasing utility and adoption, VIU tokens will surely only continue to grow in value, as more and more users join the platform. As more users watch videos, the advertising packages will also become more valuable. Thus, token value will increase, further incentivizing users to watch videos in order to earn VIU tokens. This positive feedback cycle will only help the platform in the long run.

Viuly Gives Content Creators Their Share of Ad Revenue

With YouTube and other major video platforms taking the majority of revenue from the creators, Viuly looks to buck the trend by cutting the middleman out, and giving creators the revenue they deserve.

Viuly also gives users the ability to earn tokens just by watching videos, something that’s never been done before. Coupled with the decentralized structure of the platform resistant to censorship, Viuly is well on its way to disrupt a multi-billion dollar video streaming platform, through its ecosystem that lets anyone share or view content without worrying about censorship due to its open platform.

About Viuly

Viuly’s mission is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video sharing with its blockchain-based solution. Through decentralization and transparency, it aims to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing. VIU tokens are the native currency powering the Viuly video platform. They are used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators and users.

Viuly will be a full-fledged platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos, while immediately earning rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary ecosystem will enable a fair, unrestricted environment to share, watch, and upload any content.

Viuly’s revolutionary blockchain solution has already led to a firm backing of EUR 150,000 from blockchain investing firm Krypton Capital. Together with Krypton Capital’s “smart money” philosophy, Viuly aims to establish strong ecosystems of related companies to grow values and revenues together.

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247 BTC

Bitcoin News Search

1 News - 247 News - 247 Bitcoin - 1 Search

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