BlockMesh and Its Token Aiming to Disrupt the Global Communications Industry

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When someone talks about the future of internet, a user may only think about faster speeds and universal signal coverage around the globe. What many don’t understand is that internet and communications are going to get decentralized and P2P in the near future. But, the self-proclaimed tech realists in this discussion point out the fallacy of establishing worldwide connection at higher speeds without the heavy network infrastructure that is in place right now.

The technology that is supposedly going to be used for P2P communication is quite slow and drains battery very fast like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. While futurists understand that this disruption of global communications industry is going to be dependent on the future P2P technology, it doesn’t mean that simple communication cannot be achieved with the technology that is existing right now. The innovators have to start now to warrant the kind of decentralized distributed internet that is being visualized right now.

Introducing Blockmesh

Blockmesh is an industry leader in the mesh networking technology that is the term used for the technology under discussion right now. The company is aiming to bring Mesh networking at such a level that it is going to start and disrupt the communications industry that is being affected corporate consolidation.

Why BlockMesh?

BlockMesh sidesteps any costs associated with the industry and aims at making internet free and humanely accessible anywhere around the globe.

BlockMesh’s approach will open a new up paradigm in not just P2P communication but also the whole communication industry itself.

The network is programmed into the Ethereum Blockchain’s smart contracts and thus nobody can change the working of the platform except on complete consensus. Since it is a new internet that is powered by the people, the more people that get into this business, the more powerful and readily available the platform becomes.

The BlockMesh startup is going to go for a Token Generation Event (TGE) for the purpose of expanding the global outreach of the innovative communications revolution. But, if the services are completely free, what would the individual backer participating in the TGE be investing in? What kind of return can be expected from a company that provides free P2P internet?

BlockMesh aims to deliver the P2P internet by using the excessive bandwidth that the people simply don’t use in their homes and offices. A majority of the people have excessive bandwidth that they don’t know what to do with and leveraging that bandwidth on the BlockMesh platform can result in the user earning Mesh tokens for their share in these tokens. According to the founder of BlockMesh Bjorn Guido:

“At BlockMesh we harness the power of the Internet of Things to provide interpersonal communication which isn’t just free to use, but actually rewards users in cryptocurrency to use it. Our network will be made up of the excess bandwidth that exists across the world. This will allow your smart television, your Wi-Fi router, iPad – basically, anything that has internet connectivity – to form part of our global revolution. Instead of your data being an expense it becomes an asset by earning you extra money.”

Token Generation Event (TGE)

The main TGE of the coin will launch on 28 February 2018. To compound the backers’ interest in the new platform, the first quarter of 2018 will also see Alpha app launch of the new platform,  test wallet for the MESH token as well as the announcement of its bounty programs.

Over 11% of 2 billion tokens will be available in the Pre-ICO and the ICO. 50% of remaining will be left for mining while 25% will be reserved for future development. Founders and reward airdrop will take almost 10% and remaining 4% is reserved for service providers. So, it is not just a free internet company, it is also a value-token like other major cryptocurrencies, but with inherent value being created through ongoing use.

To learn more, or participate in the TGE visit their website:

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