breadwallet asking for your banking ID and password!!

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I used to be a big fan of this app. But they recently added a buy BTC option from your bank account.

Imagine my shock when I found out that rather than go the secure slow route of asking for your account number, and verifying a deposit, they take the dangerous and risky route of asking YOU to just type in your full online banking password and username.

Giving them full rights and control to your entire financial root and all your accounts.

I did it with my banking window open and changed both immediately after as a test.

Worst shoody coding ever!

It not only didn't ask me which account to use, it randomly grabbed one of the many and then auto filled in one of my LLC business partners name!!

Any company doing that poorly conceieved coding cannot be trusted. Period.

What if they are hacked? Not only do you lose your bitcoins but the hackers now have all your banking log ins too?

And forget telling me how encrypted it is. Nuts!

My own bank will never ask me for that info nor any legit payment processor.

This is a fatal error in their judgement and the company deserves to vanish for it.

You have been warned. Troll away !

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247 BTC

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