Graft Blockchain Moves MainNet Launch Date

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Graft, a global open-sourced payment blockchain network built for point of sale, had moved their mainnet launch date to January 16, before the company’s Initial Coin Offering, which started on January 18.

Graft is a special ICO project because it has its own blockchain. The project is backed up by a team that is dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency and its use in the payment system to the merchants, by building a blockchain developed on the merchants’ systems and processes. This was done by using the most advanced techniques in the industry to solve these issues. Very soon merchants will be able to accept all kinds of digital currencies through the Graft Blockchain network.

Having its own blockchain sets the Graft project apart from ERC20 token based competitors. Because of this, Graft Blockchain network will not have any of the underlying Ethereum blockchain problems like slow connection time and fees. Therefore, the company is able to provide optimum payment services.

Along with bitcoin’s apparition, blockchain technology was said to change the way the financial system worked. But, ten years later, there haven’t been so many changes in the traditional financial system. This may be due to the fact that many existing cryptocurrencies were not made for facilitating transactions like the other available payment options.

Making or receiving payments with bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies is currently more expensive for consumers than credit or debit cards. Transaction fees could amount up to $30. Aside from that, available cryptocurrencies do not give merchants the possibility of choice in which currencies (fiat or crypto) they can cash out. Graft is bent on erasing these issues in the payment system and they are striving for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Transactions that will take place on the Graft Blockchain network will be confirmed in real-time, and the fees for them will consist of just a small part of those existing cryptocurrencies, which will result from the transaction amount and not the network load as it is with bitcoin. Graft also encourages micro-transactions through its network design. In addition, Graft utilizes existent payment operations and infrastructure, allowing merchants to accept payments in fiat and digital currencies. In short, Graft makes payments with cryptocurrencies run just as smoothly and easily as MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

The company’s ICO started on January 18 and it will run until February 18, with a hard cap of $25 million. If you want to find out more about Graft – their social media pages are below

Website: Graft Blockchain Network

Twitter: Graft Blockchain Network Twitter

Facebook: Graft Blockchain Network Facebook 

Telegram: Graft Blockchain Network Telegram

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