How to support BIP-148/UASF & what it means when you do.

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The idea behind UASF is to fork off those parts of the network that do not signal support for SegWit. As a result the UASF fork consists solely out of nodes that only relay pro-SegWit blocks which in turn achieves the required SegWit activation threshold of 95%.

Blocks are created by miners, even after UASF. If no miner would create pro-SegWit blocks, there are no blocks to be relayed and the UASF attempt ist crippled.

This is why miners would have to be compelled to switch to SegWit. UASF is only able to exert this pressure when miners must fear that the current economic network to mine, transport and sell blocks is not functional/profitable anymore.

Adding UASF nodes does not affect the current economic network.

If you want to support UASF you need to switch the current economic network to UASF.

Based on the posts these seem to be the most popular actions:

Users that run nodes

  • don't add another UASF node
  • switch your current node to UASF

User that don't run nodes

  • don't add another UASF node (it doesn't change the current network), use your resources to ask service providers to switch instead

Service providers (hardware/software wallets, blockchain explorers, exchanges, …)

  • make an announcement that you'll support UASF
  • this means to only provide your service on the UASF chain and not on the regular chain

Chain of persuasion:

Users -> Wallets -> Exchanges -> Miners 


Promotion of client software which attempts to alter the Bitcoin protocol without overwhelming consensus is not permitted.

I am not saying that you should support UASF. This is just a compilation of actions I saw in other posts.

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