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Craig Steven Wright is NOT Satoshi

By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor of 247 News

So I asked Dr. Sol Adoni what he thought of the media outing Craig Steven Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto.

I saw him Google the man and after a few minutes on LinkedIn he laughed and stated, “The man is mentally ill and a con man is profile is pure bullshit to raise money from dumb investors, he had nothing to do with Bitcoin.”

I just got notice that Dr. Adoni an expert on Bitcoin and its ties to an NSA Think Tank and author of Bitcoin Algorithm has posted a lengthy rant tearing apart the academic credentials of Mr. Wright as only the Dean of a University can do.

Dr. Sol Adoni on Craig Steven Wright not being Satoshi Nakamoto

Dr. Adoni also says the deceased Dave Kleiman named by Craig Wright was not Satoshi either.

I found a video of Craig Wright working out in the gym, for a 44 year old man he has the core strength of a guy involved in special ops training. Try to do the stuff he is doing on the rings, that is very hard to do, so maybe he’s a special ops trained guy not moving into the public eye for creating Bitcoin which really came from an intelligence agencies think tank. Is he going to be the public face now of Bitcoin?

Already some have found holes in the alleged PGP key emails that have been claimed to verify he is Satoshi, since the software used in the emails didn’t exist at the time the emails were sent.

Other videos of Craig Wright have him discussing an alleged ‘super computer’ he owns that is the 15th largest super computer in the world and he claims larger than the NSA.

Other experts on crypto and Bitcoin are seen arguing him in yet another Bitcoin video about what he claimed.

Craig Wright did get a huge loan from the Australia government and he recently popped up making claims about a super computer etc. So far the best video on him is his gym workout showing he looks like a middle aged man with heavy years of core training for special ops.





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