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Well where do I begin.

It all started when I reported a potential scammer to support and changed my feedback from positive to negative on a specific sellers account.

I did some investigating from a Rewards Visa giftcard that was used to pay me for my BTC.

I was able to get in contact with the owner of the reward visa card and he had itterated that he did not authorize anyone else to use the card. I had suspicion that the gift cards being used to pay me were stolen but had no definitive proof. So I decided to investigate to clear my self of doubts.

After I talked to the the gentelman and recieved word it was unauthoirized i felt a little betrayed by the seller and i updated my feedbacks to negative. In turn the seller changed his feedbacks of me to negative.

Shortly after my account was banned.

Knowing that I did nothing wrong and was not going to be stopped from making my other trades I made another account and went about my business since the account they banned didnt have any of my BTC left in it.

I did a trade for some hyatt giftcards a few weeks after my new account was opened with User Bigbitts. He uploaded a picture of the cards and typed in the code and I asked for the cards to be shipped. He said ok and he would covrr the shipping costs. About 4 days later i asked him for an update with tracking and did not recieve a response.

I had not left any feedback on this user as of tjat time. 2 days went by with no response still. So i left a neutral feedback and said "this guy is liar and i will never do business with him again". Mind you I had almost .6 BTC in my account.

The next morning I woke up to find that account banned.

I messaged support and they said they jaf proof this was a second account and I needed to resolve the issue with the user from my first account.

So I decided to bite my tounge and swallow my pride and reached out to the user to resolve. We came to an understanidng and middle ground. The user even then went as far as messaging support to let them know the issue between us was resolved and he gave them my BTC address to send my funds back to me.

They told him " why should we return scammera money" . the support agent then went on to state that I ripped off people on that aaccount yet the feedback tells a different story.

So just be fair warned if you try to prove a user is a scammer you will be called the scammer and have your money stolen. Beware of the paxful team as they will continue to manipulate their users and their system for their own gain and profit.

Everytime I message them with proof of issue resolution they just send me some canned response saying I need to explicitly state what I need. Even though I already have countless times.

Small claims court seems to be the only viable option now seeming how the paxful team has ignored all legal requests and communications on my behalf.

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247 BTC

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