PSA: r/btc is an Anti-Bitcoin Community.

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  • Relies on alternative facts and propaganda (SegWit = conspiracy to keep blocks small forever)

  • Downvotes everything that questions BU or supports SegWit

  • Makes a technical debate (SegWit vs BU) a political one (Ver don't like morals of Core)

  • Uses fear mongering to gain support (Bitcoin is taken hostage by blockstream)

  • Shills for altcoins and discredits bitcoin (Ex)

  • Praises notorious bitcoin haters (ie- Mike Hearn, Jorge Stofi, ProHashing, Vitalik Burien)

  • Constant personal attacks and character assassinations

  • Refuses to debate on SegWit vs BU, proceeds to pointing fingers and censorship talk (Ex)

  • Encourages divide within the community (No support for BU = "small blockers" / "blockstream shill")

  • Uses censorship as an excuse for everything (including BU's lack of support, Core's morals)

This sub acts like r/the_donald for bitcoin. Is anything being done about this or are we going to let Roger Ver and Jihan Wu use alternative facts and propaganda to divide the community and stop good progress like SegWit? There are NO credible people who supports BU over SegWit… yet the entire r/btc community believes the opposite. How can there be such a disconnect with the truth? It's because they have been fed propaganda for a long time and now the facts don't matter

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