The Man behind BDX – An Interview with BDX Co-Founder Dennis Uitz

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Interview done by Nick Baumer, Director of Marketing at BDS Markets Inc.

Dennis Uitz is an entrepreneur and businessman who has recently made his debut in the cryptocurrency arena introducing a digital currency with a new spin – the BDXcoin. Dennis and his team of crypto-experts claim that the BDXcoin will push beyond the current crypto-possibilities and even create a decentralized crypto-exchange.

– So, Dennis tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started in business?  

It really feels as if I’ve been working on new projects and businesses my entire life. I was quite an early starter, at 17 I created my first business practically from scratch. I took a 10,000 Deutsche Mark parental loan and created an online clothing business and one of the earliest shop in shop concepts.

Eventually I sold my business and went to work for a hedge fund for several years! From there, I founded and invested in several other companies and bought stakes at dozens of others before the age of 22.

– From an online retailer to a hedge fund manager, it sounds like you have quite the backstory. I even hear that you were a celebrity millionaire?

Yes, due to a business coincidence, I happened to end up in front of the camera of a German TV show that I invested in. It was quite an adventure, which of course included all its ups and downs with the media. Overall, it was a good experience that opened up a lot of other business opportunities.  

– So when was it that you first became interested in tech and cryptocurrencies?

Honestly, I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t fascinated by technology and innovation. I always wanted to buy and use the latest gadgets and I have invested in a number of tech companies. I was fascinated by electromobility in particular, and I have even founded my own secure data storage company. When cryptocurrencies came onto the world stage, I was probably one of the first buyers. I actually started buying bitcoin more than 9 years ago, in 2009, and at one point I owned about 100k bitcoins but sold them at around 35 cents. After digging into crypto currencies again since their incredible growth these last few years, I decided to put together my own team and create a token that combines security, utility and efficiency.

– Which brings me onto my next question. What is the BDX token and what kind of innovations does it bring?

First of all, we should clarify that at a pre-ICO stage, the BDX is just a token that can be later redeemed for the actual coin. It is the BDXcoin that proposes a number of innovations, the token is just an opportunity to invest early into the project. The main purpose of the BDX ecosystem is to work as an ICO white label platform which will enable other brands, visionaries and entrepreneurs to launch their own ICOs. We will take care of everything from the website to the marketing communications. All transactions such as payments for our white label services and fees for the launch of ICOs will of course be made in BDXcoins, which in turn will help boost the coin’s value in the long run.

What is more, BDXcoin holders will continuously be awarded with new coins from all participating ICO’s within the BDX Eco system, essentially creating a coin of coins if you will. This means that BDXcoin holders will automatically be investing in a diversified portfolio of coins. Having only one coin, the BDX, will enable them to participate in many different ICOs and mitigate their risk. Also, BDXcoin and all other cryptocurrencies launched within the BDX ecosystem will all be featured on our very own decentralized crypto-exchange. Once again all transactions on the exchange will be made exclusively with BDXcoins, which will drive further utility, liquidity and value for BDXcoin holders.

Plus BDXcoins will offer added utility as a payment method and users will be able to transfer funds without any additional costs or fees. BDXcoins are also backed by BDSMarkets, a regulated Forex/CFD broker with a clientbase of nearly a million clients. This essentially means that the infrastructure, through which to drive momentum for both the BDXcoin and all other coins launched by the BDX whitelabel ICO program, is already in place!

– It sounds like a truly innovative coin! So as I understand currently, the BDX project is at it’s pre-ICO stage which means investors can only buy BDX tokens. What differentiates BDX pre-ICO from any other pre-ICO?

I am glad you asked! Let me start by saying that BDX tokens are offered at a much lower value than the starting price of BDXcoins at ICO. We started our pre-ICO at only €0.10 and every month the price gradually increases to reach the €0.20 ICO value. So token investors will be able to multiply their investment at ICO. The €0.10 floor value of the token is also guaranteed by BDSMarkets so anyone who wants to sell their tokens will be able to do so after the ICO.

– So when is the big ICO date?

We will launch our ICO on June 1st 2018 and at that point all BDXtoken holders will be able to redeem their tokens for BDXcoins and of course new investors will be able to buy BDXcoins. The entire BDX ecosystem will be up and running by then so the BDXcoin will be used for payments for our ICO services, online trading, day-to-day purchases and transactions, money transfers and of course our own decentralized crypto-exchange.

– How would you describe the main pillars of the BDX project?

As we have seen banks and federal deposit schemes cannot always be trusted. BDX coin does away with these middle men and provides security, speed, utility, efficiency and of course innovation. As a decentralized coin, exchanged on a decentralized exchange, BDX coins provide unparalleled security. BDX tokens are based on Ethereum technology, using the ECR-20 standard. This advanced blockchain technology will ensure that all BDX transactions are processed in a secure and timely manner.

When it comes to its utility, efficiency and innovation, BDXcoin will be used for a multiverse of purposes, from trading on our decentralized crypto-exchange to making online payments and launching entirely new ICOs! The BDXcoin will in essence function as a cryptocurrency host for many other cryptocurrencies that will be launched through our ICO whitelabel program. In fact we are already working on about a dozen different ICOs and we are even considering opening new offices in Germany to accommodate the high demand! As a self-made entrepreneur, it’s truly fulfilling to be able to give our customers a chance to participate in this new industry.

Thinking about the future, do you think BDX can compete with other major cryptos such as bitcoin?

I nurture a deep respect for the “founding” cryptocurrency that is bitcoin. That being said, I think that bitcoin does not cater for all the needs of the market. In fact, no cryptocurrency can claim to do so, this is why we need diversity when it comes to cryptocurrencies. I believe that BDX brings such innovations. We have spotted a need that was not catered for. We are one of the pioneers in the ICO white label service and we are one of the first to propose a decentralized crypto exchange. So to answer your question, yes, I do honestly believe that the BDXcoin will thrive because it is groundbreaking and it addresses specific market needs that are currently not being catered for!

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