The US Postal Inspection Service is Seeking Bitcoin ‘Intelligence Gathering Specialists’

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The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has recently listed a job opening where it seeks an “Intelligence Gathering Specialist”. In it, the organization states candidates must be knowledgeable about bitcoin, dark net markets, and openly available data sources, among other things.

The Washington, DC-based job listing indicates the agency is looking for people that’ll help them fight cybercrime, as it states USPIS is critical when it comes to the protection of the US Mail organization and its digital product portfolio.

Ideal candidates should not only be able to evaluate internet information from common sources such as forums, news feeds, and social media, but he should also be able to access the Tor network.

Moreover, candidates should, essentially, be able to dox people and provide intelligence and investigative reports representing the steps they took to do so. The listing reads:

Candidates shall be capable of performing a prioritized assessment of the data to identify the most critical and reliable data in order to identify , bitcoins, locations, accounts, services, travels, email addresses, IP addresses and other pattern of life data in an effort to determine physical attribution of an Internet identity.

Demonstrated experience in the use of cyber intelligence tools to search the clearnet and the dark net are among the requirements, as well as an “advanced understanding” of the “method used by cyber-criminals to hide themselves on the internet”. The capacity to search and analyze dark net markets is also a necessity.

Essentially, the listing clearly states the US Postal Service is looking for people that’ll help them tackle cyber-criminals who use bitcoin by knowing how to find them, and how to stop their business from prospering.

USPIS whistleblower

According to, a Redditor that went by the pseudonym “btcbadboy” posted screenshots of the job listing posted on an apparent desktop client. The Redditor reportedly claimed to work for a government contractor. According to him, heroin and opiates are now a problem, and the US Postal Service believes it’ll tackle it by shutting down dark net markets.

The Redditor reportedly added USPIS is hiring, ideally, 34 people for the role. If true, this means a small army of experts may soon start probing the deep web trying to take down businesses in it, or prominent individuals within these businesses:

The last listed duty reads:

Candidates shall be capable to use technology solutions to actively search, analyze and prioritize the various market places and cyber-criminals to identify high value targets for the USPIS investigators.

Image from Wikimedia.

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