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Endorphina is the company behind some of the most popular games available at online casinos, and you can play all its latest offerings at Not only does the casino have a huge library of over 350 games available, it also provides players with excellent bonuses. The casino only just launched this month, and it has already made quite a name for itself as the first online bitcoin casino licensed in the United States. Is it worth going there to play those Endorphina games, and does Bitcoin Casino match its hype? We took a detailed look to find out.

Game Options in

The first thing you noticed when you go on is one of two things: either its games selection or that massive jackpot bonus, which currently sits at over 101,000 bitcoins. You can see some of its games on the home page, as the casino features a few of its most popular games, its free spin games and its new games. Check the new games section if you’re looking for those latest Endorphina games. Right next to the jackpot amount there’s a link to see games that offer the jackpot, so if you’re interested in that, click the link and then choose one of those games.

The Games page has the entire roster of games, and to make it easier to find what you want, there’s links for different game categories, including table games, roulette, slot games, high limit games and free spin games. There’s also a search function available.

There’s a solid mix of the classics and newer games at Bitcoin Casino. If you’re a poker, blackjack or roulette expert, then you’ll be able to find those games and quite a few variations here. If you’re looking to try out all the newest, most advanced games, you can do that as well. Many of the new games have excellent graphics and sound effects, and even cut scenes to start off with a bang. It really adds to the entertainment and the overall online casino experience.

Bonuses to Earn Extra Bitcoins at

Almost every online casino has bonuses available, so a key factor in choosing one is comparing bonuses. So you’re able to make an informed decision, here are the bonuses available at Bitcoin Casino and how they stack up to the competition: largest bonus is the welcome bonus, which is actually five separate bonuses on your first five deposits. The bonus amounts are as follows:

  • 150 percent on your first deposit and 150 free spins
  • 100 percent on your second deposit
  • 75 percent on your third deposit
  • 50 percent on your fourth deposit
  • 25 percent on your fifth deposit

All of those max out at 1 bitcoin, so you can collect a total of 5 bitcoins when you deposit enough each time. Obviously, you should deposit your bitcoins strategically to maximize your bonus amounts.

There are two smaller bonuses available to players who aren’t new to Bitcoin Casino. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the casino offers its weekend deposit bonus of 50 percent. The rest of the week, there’s an everyday reload bonus of 30 percent. These two bonuses have the same cap of 1 bitcoin.

As far as bonus rules go, Bitcoin Casino is similar to any other online casino. You can’t double up on bonuses or stack them, as it’s one bonus at a time. Before you withdraw anything after getting a bonus, you must wager 40 times your bonus amount to reach the wagering requirement. While you can withdraw bitcoins before that, it’s not recommended, because as soon as you do you forfeit both your bonus and any winnings that you made from it.

The welcome bonus automatically applies to your first five deposits at the casino. To get the everyday reload bonus or the weekend bonus, you can click the Get Bonus link under either on the Promotions page, or use the bonus codes listed under them on that same page.

Obtaining Bitcoins

If you’re new to using bitcoins, you may be wondering how you get them and what the difference is between bitcoins and other forms of currency. Bitcoins are a virtual currency with several advantages over other types of currency. The main advantage is that with bitcoins, none of your personal information is attached. Even in the event of a security breach, hackers won’t be able to get your information from your bitcoins like they would with a credit card, debit card or ACH transaction.

Unlike those other types of transactions, bitcoin exchanges don’t go through a central bank. Because of that, the processing time is significantly faster, and Bitcoin Casino processes both deposits and withdrawals instantly. Transactions are also much cheaper, and the casino doesn’t charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

There are three common ways to obtain bitcoins. The first is to purchase them through an online currency exchange, with Bitstamp, CEX and Kraken being three options that are available in the United States. The second is locating a bitcoin ATM, which you can do using Coin ATM Radar, and purchasing bitcoins there. The third is a private party transaction. This method is obviously riskier, so you should take safety precautions before meeting anyone.

You need a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins. Two options that are available in the United States are CoinsBank and SpectroCoin.

Play Anytime

If you’re just interested in checking out new Endorphina games without putting any money on the line, Bitcoin Casino lets you play all its games without wagering any real money. It is definitely more of a thrill when you have bitcoins riding on the outcome, though, and setting up your account doesn’t take long, especially if you already have a bitcoin wallet. With the big-time bonus offers available, it’s worth it to at least try it out and see if you like it.

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