ugChain is Creating a New Gaming Ecosystem Using Blockchain Tech

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ugChain is a Singapore-based organization that focus on developing applications based on Decentralized Account System (DAS) within a blockchain ecosystem. Latest architecture of ugChain is an optimized and improved version of existing application ecosystem.

As one of the leading blockchain projects, ugChain launched a variety of blockchain applications including game distribution channel; Boolu, game digital items trading platform; PY Trading Station, game account transaction platform, e-sports battle platform;

Carry, an e-sports platform is also under way. ugChain has successfully hosted many e-sports leagues in China and formed the e-sports women’s team, T-UG. ugChain gaming ecosystem is capable of transforming the online and offline aspects of gaming.

“UGC Contract is deployed in Ethereum while DAS Account Contract deployed on the consortium blockchain developed ourselves. The double-blockchain system will solve the efficiency problem of blockchain. Our vision at ugChain is to build a global gaming ecosystem to reinvest the gaming industry via the DAS system infrastructure.” Said Yang Zhang, the founder of the ugChain project.

“We are creating a truly new gaming ecosystem including game distribution channels, game account trading and so on. ugChain launched the Global Blockchain Gaming Alliance recently, have received a phenomenal response from developers and entrepreneurs around the world. We are now welcoming developers and firms to participate in our association to explore together”, he added.

Blockchain technology is truly a game changer and is secure by design. ugChain will take this solid blockchain technology to game and e-sports field.

According to the founder Yang Zhang, ugChain is a blockchain project focusing on the gaming industry and dedicated to standardizing virtual assets. With the strong development capacity, the upcoming platform is poised to become the next Etherum-like ecosystem in the game world.

According to the Newzoo report, the actual sales revenues of the Chinese market reached 203.61 billion yuan (about 30.9 billion US dollars) in 2017, a 23 percent increase from a year earlier, and since blockchain is used in games such as the popular Cryptokitties, Yang Zhang also mentioned that many traditional game firms and capitals are seeking to looking forward to researching blockchain projects this year.

“It’s good for the industry that more and more companies start to foucus on blockchain. Also, industry collaboration is an important part.” Yang said. “That’s why ugChain launch GBGA (Global Blockchain Gaming Alliance) to gather excellent developers. Besides, ugChain decided to provide resources ,funds and blockchain technology assistant to alliance members.”

ugChain uses the double-blockchain mechanism, which fits decentralized application of ecosystem and ease of use principles to support eco-participants in various countries and regions to establish the main application. The participants can share benefits brought by UGC’s leading blockchain technology, ugChain will also expand the global market, and then benefit all community members.

Will the emerging blockchain technology, current gaming industry will change, new e-sports models will emerge. Yang says, it will extend and revolutionize the gaming industry and its market.

“ugChain effectively improve the existing high cost of the game channel status by secure players’ transaction process and improving the current micro-transaction model in the inudstry”, Yang remarked. “Apart from that, ugChain will release developer toolkit to help traditional game manufacturer adopt blockchain quickly.What’s more, the virtual asset management platform is also in the development plan. ”

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