Why is /r/BTC purposefully propagandizing fake news?

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In an effort to clear the air about whatever confusion remains on this subject, I'd like to point out the information that was available for every poster on r/btc as well as Rick Falkvinge to consult before promoting a tirade of falsehoods regarding Blockstream's patent strategy and its relation (or absence of) with the SegWit proposal. Said information was also available for /r/btc mods to double-check before choosing to stick Falkvinge's fiction piece to the top of their sub.

Nine days ago a dubious claim coming from a pseudonymous Twitter account made its way to the top of r/btc. The poster suggested he had unearthed details on patent application that could involve SegWit & be tied to Blockstream.

Greg Maxwell was quick to point out that the information related by the Twitter account had nothing to do with SegWit or Blockstream:

None of these things have remotely anything to do with segwit, many of them are actually expired patents, and his other comments about EdDsa and whatever shows that he hasn't even the slighest clue what he's talking about. [1]

Furthermore Blockstream's patent position was emphasized ad nauseam in different posts.

All blockstream patents are irrevocably openly available https://blockstream.com/about/patent_faq/ under a program which has been applauded by many relevant parties, including the EFF. [2]

Relevant EFF piece can be found here

Additional information about the company's Defensive Patent Strategy as well as the Patent Pledge can be found here:

The strict absence of any application for a patent related to SegWit by Blockstream was emphasized again a couple of days later:

Moreover, Blockstream has no patent applications/provisionals related to segwit. (And a year has passed since the publication of the segwit spec, so we couldn't apply for any now.) [3]

Despite numerous other instance of Blockstream co-founders denying the allegations, Falkvinge's post and the specious arguments behind it would remain at the top of /r/btc helped by /u/memorydealers and his moderation team.

If ever these claims surface again I hope that people can refer to this post so as to avoid the blatant disinformation from spreading.

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